Slug Success Analytics

Four analytics dashboards are available for use within the Slug Success system.

These dashboards provide researchers, administrators, and program and advising staff the ability to access crucial data and develop reports, both at the individual student level and in aggregate. Longitudinal data is also available in some reports.

The four analytics dashboards can be used to help us better understand broad population trends as well as individual students’ progress and can identify students who may be in need of more or targeted support.

The analytics dashboards available in Slug Success are:

  • Population HealthTrack academic performance and progress of students in their current term to drive targeted intervention campaigns for distinct student populations.
  • Intervention EffectivenessAssess the effectiveness of student interventions between cohorts or over time by comparing performance across key success metrics.
  • Activity AnalyticsTrack student and staff appointment and communication activity, enabling student success leaders to quickly gain summary statistics regarding numbers of appointments by reason, location, unit, or faculty/staff member, allowing for better accountability and resource planning.
  • Historical Trend AnalyticsIdentify longer-term trends of success, risk, and failure within your courses, program migration patterns, and graduation rates to inform school-wide or program-level initiatives such as course sequencing or program and resource optimization.

We have launched a course within Canvas to help guide new users in using the Analytics functionality in Slug Success. Users may request access to the Canvas course by completing this quick form. Once the course has been completed, users will gain access to recommended readings and may request access to the system once FERPA training has been completed. 

For a brief overview of the Canvas system, please visit the Canvas FAQ page.

For questions about Slug Success analytics, about the Slug Success Analytics Canvas course, or technical questions about the Slug Success platform, please contact