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For training purposes, staff may log into the Training site here:

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Requesting access

All currently enrolled students automatically have access to Navigate Slug Success. Staff access to Slug Success must be requested via one of the methods below. All users who request Slug Success staff access (including student employees) must complete Electronic Note Taking and FERPA training prior to their accounts being created/updated. 

  • New staff Slug Success accounts can be requested via this Slug Hub request form. You can also login to the ITS SlugHub system directly (SlugHub Home) and look for the "Slug Success: Request New, Change or Remove access" request link. The request will need to be approved prior to the account being created, so supervisors should look for the approval email so they can reply accordingly.
  • Student employee (Peer advisers/mentors/etc) account requests should be submitted by supervisors via this Google form. Click the following link for information about permissions available for student employees.