How to Cancel an Appointment

You can cancel any scheduled appointment in Slug Success. Follow these steps to cancel an appointment:


1. On your Slug Success home page click on the Calendar tab


2. Find the scheduled appointment in your calendar and hover over it to view appointment details, including attendees, and locationcalendar-detail.png

3. Click on the appointment in your calendar to view additional information and the option to "Cancel My Attendance"


4. After you click on "Cancel My Attendance," you will be prompted with a message form. Select a reason for cancelling from the drop-down list, include a message to the adviser in the box below if you woud like, then click on "Mark as Cancelled"




5. Afterwards, you will be able to see that your appointment has been cancelled, as well as a link to reschedule the appointment



5. On your calendar, the appointment will now be marked in a different color and labeled Cancelled, and you will also receive an email saying your appointment has been cancelled