How to Sync with Google Calendar

You may wish to synchronize your UCSC Google Calendar with Slug Success Campus to ensure that your availability in Slug Success Campus is up to date. The steps below will show you how:


  1. While logged into Slug Success, click the Calendar icon in the Navigation Bar

  2. Click the button on the right side that says Settings and Sync

  3. Click “Setup Sync

  4. Select “Google Calendar” from the listed options

  5. Select your UCSC Google account 

  6. Allow EAB to access your account (this will allow appointments to be shared between the two systems)

  7. Choose your desired calendar(s) from the menus for "Two-Way" and/or "Free/Busy" sync and click Save. Two-Way sync will allow Slug Success appointments/schedule to be added to your Google calendar. Free/Busy sync will only add your busy times from your Google calendar to your Slug Success calendar.

  8. Verify that your desired calendar is displayed, and you're done! If you ever need to reset or change your settings, you can return to this screen and click the Sync Settings button.step-7-verify-your-account.png

  9. If you’ve synchronized with your Google Calendar using Two-Way Sync, your Slug Success Calendar will show Google Calendar meetings as Busy, and appointments made in Slug Success will appear in your Google Calendar. Please note that this synchronization does not share event details in either direction, but will help you prevent conflicts when setting up meetings in either system