POLICY TITLE: Electronic Advising Notes
Effective Date: January 1, 2016
Last Revision Date: January 1, 2016
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Electronic Undergraduate Advising Notes Policy

Policy of the Division of Undergraduate Education

I. Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of the policy is to ensure appropriate use of electronic advising notes.

Electronic advising notes provide the ability to track the history of communications with individual students, supporting continuity in the advising process. Allowing advisers in one office to access information provided by advisers in another office supports our ability to provide seamless and consistent advising; advisers will no longer need to rely on a student’s interpretation of what another advisor told them, but can instead see what they were told in the advisor’s own words. Documenting information given to students related to policies, requirements, and deadlines provides a written record for later reference.

II. Detailed Policy Statement

Staff and faculty whose access to Slug Success includes the ability to add electronic advising reports or notes to a student’s record shall do so in accordance with the attached procedures (see below).

III. Getting Help

The Division of Undergraduate Education and the Division of Student Affairs and Success provide training, compliance verification, and assistance to campus advisers and other staff who have a business need to access and create electronic advising notes in SCC Campus.

IV. Applicability and Authority

This policy applies to all staff and faculty whose access to Slug Success includes the ability to add advising reports or notes to a student’s record.

The campus Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) is the campus authority for the Electronic Advising Notes policy, with implementation authority delegated to the Vice Provost of Student Affairs and Success, including the authority to approve exceptions. This policy was reviewed and approved by VPUE, Richard Hughey on 12/14-2015. Next review date is 1/1/2021.

V. Related Policies/References for More Information

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UCSC Administrative Procedures Applying to Disclosure of Student Records

Family Educational Rights and Practices Act of 1974

Electronic Advising Notes Procedures

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