How to Sign Up for Tutoring

1. On your Student Home Page, click on "Schedule an Appointment"


 2. On Service page, select "Learning Support Services (LSS)" and what type of service you want to attend. Learning Support Services (LSS) is currently the only department providing Tutoring services through Slug Success (as of Fall Quarter 2017). Then click the blue "Next" button



3. On the Location and Staff page, select your desired location and click “Next” (you do not need to specify a tutor)



4. On the Time Selection page, look for an available time to meet with a tutor, using the arrows as necessary to move between weeks. 



5. You can also request tutoring for a course if there are no sessions available. After you click the Request Tutor Appointment button, please select the course or service for which you want to meet with a tutor from the drop-down list, and provide detailed information about when you’re available to meet with a tutor. Someone from LSS will reply to your request if/when an additional tutoring session is added.



6. Once you have clicked the Next button, review your selection on the Confirmation page. On this page, check to make sure all the details are correct and that you are free and can meet the tutor at the scheduled time and location as indicated in the Additional Details section. To proceed, click "Confirm Appointment" (or “Send Request”) to submit



7. After confirming your appointment, you will receive a final confirmation message. You can then go to view the appointment on your calendar by clicking on "View My Calendar"


8. On your calendar, you can see the confirmed appointment, and if you hover over or click on it, you can see more details as well as other actions such as cancelling the appointment



9. If you would like to cancel the appointment, head over to the Canceling an Appointment guide for a step-by-step walkthrough



10. After you have confirmed your appointment, you will receive an email confirming that the appointment has been scheduled. By default, a reminder email will also be sent on the morning of the appointment.